Chess For Change

Den norske organisasjonen Chess For Change er startet av de samme idealistene som sto bak Coronahjelpen. Hver søndag kl. 18.00 er det lynsjakkturnering på Lichess til inntekt for et godt formål. Foreløpig er dette formålet økonomisk støtte til Ukraina.

Initiativtakerne beskriver Chess For Change som følger:

Chess For Change

Chess For ChangeChess For Change is a non-profit charity organization dedicated to combining chess and charity across different fields, as we believe these two aspects can go hand in hand.
We always put a lot of effort into choosing charities that we deem are ethical and feel uses our donations to the maximum effect.

We are most famous for our initiative we created in Norway at the start of the corona pandemic, namely «Coronahjelpen Sjakklubb» which roughly translates to «Corona Relief Chess Club». That concept was much the same, in that every week we would hold a chess tournament in which our participants could donate directly to some charity we picked beforehand (all of which benefited progress against the pandemic in some way).

That concept lasted well over a 100 consecutive weeks, and by our estimations lead to a large sum of money directed to the different charities we picked out for support. Our vision is to grow Chess For Change on a global scale, combining our concept of chess and charity.

Our tournaments will always be free, anyone can join and during our tournaments there will be information how you can contribute to the various charities we support. If you do not have the means to do so, sharing the word of us, our vision and our tournaments helps just as much.