Reykjavik Open 2021 blir europamesterskap

Årets utgave av Reykjavik Open blir også individuelt europamesterskap.
Arrangøren har bedt oss viderebringe følgende informasjon:

Reykjavik Open – European Individual Chess Championship 2021

Reykjavík Open 2021Reykjavik Open 2021 will be a little bit different this year than usual. The dates are August 26th – September 5th. Eleven rounds, and we estimate that around 100 grandmasters will participate.

The tournament will also be the European Individual Chess Championship 2021 and is open for ALL European players. We are sorry for non-Europeans; they only need to wait until April 2022 when we are back with a regular Reykjavik Open in Harpa.

The venue this year is at Hotel Natura (previously Hotel Loftleidir), which has a rich history of chess events being held there with several previous editions of the Reykjavik Open, the last one back in 1988. It is safe to say that the atmosphere at these tournaments was something special at the height of the popularity of Icelandic chess. Many Icelandic players are looking forward to revisiting this tournament venue. Bobby Fischer stayed at the hotel during his 1972 World Championship match with Boris Spassky. One can find a replica of the famous chess table used in 1972 at the hotel. The hotel has hosted several other high-level events, including the 1977 Spassky vs Hort candidate match and the GMA World Cup in 1991.

Even though the tournament is a European Championship, the organizers are determined to keep the relaxed atmosphere of the regular Reykjavik Open while also retaining all the strict regulations of the European Championship.

Of course, we will have our regular side events like the famous Reykjavik Open Pub Quiz, the Reykjavik Opening Party, and the Blitz Tournament.

At the time of this writing, Iceland has lifted all restrictions regarding COVID-19. Therefore, those who are vaccinated or have certificates of antibodies can travel to Iceland without any problems.

Covid-regulation at the border

All participants must register through their own Chess Federation – so please get in touch with them.

If you have any questions – don´t hesitate to contact us at

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